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What Is Dry Ice Cleaning

Dry ice cleaning is something quite new in the industry. This means that it's getting talked about more and more, but what does it exactly mean? If you continue reading, you will find out what this procedure is, how it's done, and a few benefits it offers in comparison to similar alternatives.

What Is Dry Ice Cleaning?    

Dry ice cleaning is a procedure where the undercarriage of the vehicle can be cleaned with maximum efficiency. When cars are driven on the road, they collect a lot of dirt and debris, which are hard to get rid of when stuck underneath the car. This means that cleaning them with normal methods and products isn't very effective. 

Here comes the innovative dry ice cleaning method. The process consists of blasting the dry parts with dry ice particles, which easily cleans them and doesn't damage them in comparison with other methods. But what is dry ice? Simply put, it's the solid form of the gas carbon dioxide, which is done by bringing the gas to an extremely low temperature. By using dry ice in the cleaning of the car's undercarriage, damage to the parts is taken out of the equation. The dry ice turns into gas the moment it hits the part that is being cleaned.

Benefits Of Dry Ice Cleaning    

With this innovative procedure, the benefits are quite significant when compared to other methods. There is a world of difference when comparing it with harsh chemicals and intensive rubbing with metal brushes. Here are three of the main benefits it offers:

  • Better results - Because of the way the dry ice is balanced on the parts, the impact on the surface is much greater than with other methods. Furthermore, the difference in the dry ice temperature and the part causes the dirt to detach from the component.
  • Doesn't damage the parts - Methods that were used previously involved harmful chemicals and scrubbing, which damage the parts, especially plastic ones.
  • Faster - With the process only involving blasting dry ice on the parts, things get done a lot more efficiently. The best part is that effectiveness and good results aren't traded for it being faster.

Dry Ice Cleaning Procedures At Allyz Auto!

If you are looking for some of the best dry ice cleaning procedures, visit our team at Allyz Auto. We are proud to offer this innovative procedure to our clients, so make sure to book an appointment if you are interested!

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