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Podcast - Empowering Consumers in Central Florida - Jonathan Torres story

Welcome to the Allyz Podcast Community, your go-to source for valuable information that empowers you to make informed decisions. I'm your host, Juan Rodriguez, and I'm thrilled to have you join us today. If you're here, it's because you're a savvy consumer seeking knowledge to make wise choices, and that's precisely why the Allyz Community Podcast  was born.


Welcome, Jonathan, and thank you for joining us today.


Jonathan: Thank you for having me, Juan. I wish it were under happier circumstances, but this information needs to be shared sooner rather than later.


Juan: Absolutely. We appreciate your willingness to share your experiences. Jonathan, could you please introduce yourself to our community? Share a bit about what you do and how long you've been in Orlando.


Jonathan: Of course. I've called Orlando home since 2004, and I work in the software design field. Over the years, I've developed a passion for cars, particularly high-end vehicles. I wasn't always into cars, though. I vividly remember driving a beat-up Honda Civic with a broken shift knob and no AC. But as I've progressed, I've grown to appreciate and take pride in my vehicles. I expect top-notch work for them, and they should always look their best.


Naturally, when I began my journey into the world of high-end cars, I did some research to find the best automotive shops in the area. Allyz Auto, formerly known as Color Recon, consistently stood out with numerous positive reviews and ratings. I decided to check them out, and since my first visit in 2018, I haven't looked back.


My first experience was filing a claim with Geico in 2018 when my Lexus GS 350 needed repairs. That time, everything went smoothly, and the car was in the shop for about a week. But little did I know that the landscape would change post-COVID.


In 2020, my same Lexus was involved in a total loss, and this was a different ballgame. It was a hit-and-run accident at night, with the other driver having no working lights or brake lights. Despite my best efforts to stop, I couldn't avoid the collision, and it resulted in a total loss. Thankfully, the process with Geico was fairly straightforward, and I received a fair settlement.


During that accident in 2020, I didn't have a dashboard camera (DVR) in my car. The experience made me realize the importance of having one. So, I installed a DVR to protect myself in case of future incidents. This decision turned out to be invaluable.


In 2021, after switching my insurance provider from Geico to State Farm, I found myself in a repair situation again. My beloved 2016 Lexus GS 350 suffered damage to the right side. Unfortunately, this time around, it wasn't a smooth process. State Farm wanted to cut corners and use salvage parts, which would have left my car with mismatched paint and texture issues.


This is where Allyz Auto and Juan offered me a choice: go along with what the insurance company recommended, knowing it wasn't in line with the manufacturer's guidelines, or opt to pay the difference and get the proper repair. The amount I had to cover was over $3,000, a significant sum.


I chose the latter, even though it was financially challenging. It was clear to me that I wanted my car fixed right, maintaining its original quality. But what followed was a frustrating journey. State Farm took its time and refused to cooperate.


It was as if they held all the cards, while consumers like me struggled with everyday responsibilities such as work, family, and more. This imbalance of power was evident, and we'll delve deeper into this issue as we continue.


The frustrating part was that I had to deal with this while not even having my car. I was driving a rental, which no one enjoys. State Farm seemed to drag its feet, and their response times were questionable. It was a waiting game.


In the end, I had to make a difficult choice, and it was evident that State Farm was unwilling to budge. So I decided to pay the short pay and hire an attorney to fight for my rights. This involved a considerable amount of money, and I had concerns about whether I'd ever see that money again.


Thankfully, Allyz Auto connected me with an attorney who took my case and worked tirelessly to get the money back. It took several months, but eventually, State Farm acknowledged its obligations and paid back the short pay I had shouldered.


It was a vindicating but frustrating process. It's unfortunate that consumers often have to go to such lengths to get their cars repaired correctly. But my case doesn't end here. On 2023, my repaired Lexus GS 350 was involved in another accident, and I had that DVR to capture the incident, making the process much smoother.


Juan: Jonathan, your experiences shed light on the challenges consumers face when dealing with insurance companies. The lack of cooperation and the need to navigate a complex process can be incredibly frustrating. Having a DVR, as you mentioned, can make a world of difference in establishing the facts.


We're grateful that you chose to share your story, and your journey highlights the importance of documenting incidents and standing up for your rights, even when faced with obstacles. We appreciate your trust in Allyz Auto and the attorney who helped you resolve these issues.


In the upcoming episodes of the Allyz Community Podcast, we'll dive deeper into the intricacies of insurance claims, consumer rights, and much more. Thank you for being with us today, and we look forward to continuing this enlightening journey with you.


Jonathan: Thank you for having me and for providing a platform to share these important experiences. It's crucial for consumers to know their rights and have the support they need when dealing with insurance claims.


Join us in future episodes as we explore more stories, share valuable insights, and empower consumers. Together, we can navigate the complexities of the insurance world and ensure that justice prevails.


 This is an excerpt from the October 18th Allyz Community Podcast, to watch the entire episode click here



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I took my car to Color Recon for some minor scratches and nicks, and I must say they did a great job at a great price. I will definitely use them again.
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