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Are Cars Affected By Humidity and Salt In The Air?

Are Cars Affected By Humidity and Salt In The Air? | Allyz Auto

You’re cruising along the coastal roads, enjoying the fresh sea breeze. But did you know that the very air you're relishing could be secretly waging war against your car? Yes, you read that right! Humidity and salt in the air, particularly in coastal areas, can have a more significant impact on your car than you might think. 

The Hidden Damage of Humidity - Rust and Beyond

Humidity, or the amount of moisture in the air, can be a silent destroyer when it comes to cars. High humidity levels create an environment where moisture can accumulate and linger on your car’s surface. This moisture becomes a breeding ground for rust, especially in areas where the paint has been compromised. But that’s not all – humidity can also seep into the nooks and crannies of your car, affecting electrical systems and causing premature wear on components like brake pads and rotors.

Salt Air and Corrosive 

Living near the ocean might sound like a dream, but for your car, it can be a nightmare. Salt in the air, particularly in coastal regions, accelerates rust and corrosion. This salty air doesn't need to come into direct contact with your car to cause damage. The mere presence of salt in the atmosphere can initiate a corrosive reaction, especially on exposed metal parts. Salt can also corrode the undercarriage of your car, which is often overlooked in regular maintenance.

Special Tips for Car Care in Orlando

Living in or near Orlando brings its own set of challenges when it comes to car maintenance. The city's unique combination of humidity and proximity to coastal areas means that your car may be more susceptible to the issues caused by moisture and salt air. However, Orlando residents have a secret weapon at their disposal: dry ice cleaning services. This innovative cleaning method can play a pivotal role in combating the effects of the local environment.

The Power of Dry Ice Cleaning in Humid Conditions

Dry ice cleaning, also known as dry ice blasting, is a non-abrasive method that can deeply cleanse your car's nooks and crannies, where moisture and salt tend to accumulate. This technique uses solid CO2 pellets which, upon contact, turn into gas and lift dirt and contaminants without leaving any residue. It's particularly effective for cleaning the undercarriage and engine components, areas that are crucial to maintain in the fight against rust and corrosion.

Why Opt for Dry Ice Cleaning in Orlando?

Deep Cleaning
Dry ice blasting reaches areas that traditional cleaning methods can't, effectively removing salt and moisture build-up.

No Water Involved
Unlike traditional cleaning methods, dry ice cleaning doesn't use water, which is beneficial in a humid environment like Orlando. It means no additional moisture is introduced to your car’s surface during the cleaning process.

Environmentally Friendly
This method is eco-friendly, using no chemicals or detergents, which is great for environmentally conscious car owners.

Preserving Your Car's Integrity
Dry ice cleaning is non-abrasive, which means it cleans without causing any damage to your car’s paint or parts.

Integrating Dry Ice Cleaning into Your Maintenance Routine

Incorporating dry ice cleaning into your regular car maintenance routine can significantly extend the life of your vehicle in unique environments. It’s recommended to use this service periodically, especially after prolonged exposure to salty air or after heavy rain seasons, to ensure any corrosive elements are thoroughly removed.

While regular washing and waxing are still essential, adding dry ice cleaning to your maintenance arsenal offers an extra layer of protection, keeping your car in top condition and helping to maintain its value over time.

For expert car maintenance and dry ice cleaning services, contact Allyz Auto! We are an Orlando-based auto service shop that does everything from collision repairs to the procedure we just talked about.

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